The Room of Mona Lisa Manga

The Room of Mona Lisa Manga

Summary: (from ebookjapan): In the deep snowy forests of Sweden, Vincent Minnelli, a doctor, mistook a girl for an antelope and shot her while he was hunting. The girl he shot, Joana, was unharmed, but she told Vincent a shocking story, and the next morning she disappeared without a trace. Instead, he was visited by an emissary of General Ambrose du Closter, the head of the castle of Scorchloster, a mansion on the shores of a lake. General Closter was interested in Vincent\'s books and research and wanted to invite him to his mansion. Vincent went to the house as requested and was introduced to his daughter, Mona Lisa, by the general. To Vincent\'s surprise, Mona Lisa is a duplicate of Joanna. Vincent thought they were the same person, but Mona Lisa told him that she had never met Vincent. The others also testified that Mona Lisa had been at the pavilion yesterday, and no one knew Joana. The Mona Lisa disliked her governess, Miss Corban, and adored her ailing mother, Camilla, who did not recognize her as her own daughter and hated her. The inhabitants of the pavilion are entangled in a complex web of emotions. Soon, Mona Lisa is at the mercy of a spectacular, bloodcurdling, and horrific love-hate drama. What is the fate of Mona Lisa in \"Mona Lisa\'s Room,\" Masako Watanabe\'s masterpiece of bizarre romance? And what is Joanna\'s true identity? Also contains a short mystery one-shot, \"A Kiss For Uncle...\": Liza is a girl of a wealthy background who was taken in by her aunt after her parents died. Liza\'s 17th birthday is on the horizon - and once she turns 17, she will gain access to a wealthy fortune. One day, alone at home, she stumbles upon a letter from her beloved uncle - who had ran off with another woman and died 5 years prior - claiming that he is alive. After this, a series of strange events begin to occur around Liza....

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