The Mad Queen and the Lord's Heart Manga

The Mad Queen and the Lord's Heart Manga

Summary: In her past life, Ye Jinsu had no money, no companion, even when she died no one took care of her body. In a twist of fate, she reincarnated as a pampered daughter of a rich family. Just when she thought that she would finally be able to a simple and carefree life, she suddenly realizes that the adored talented young miss of the capital city was actually not loved by either of her parents? Ye Jinsu said to herself, \" least there\'re still some perks. At least I\'m rich and I can have any man I want, heck there\'s even this one man that won\'t stop pestering me all the time.\" That same man who pestered her would go on to ask her, \"Young Miss, I will trade a thousand taels of gold for your hand in marriage.\" \"No deal.\" \"How about my empire in exchange for your heart?\"

The Mad Queen and the Lord's Heart chapter

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