The Little Savior Manga

The Little Savior Manga

Summary: A collection of six one-shots that were originally published in \"Bessatsu Margaret\" from October 1966 and onwards. 1. **The Little Savior** (ちびっこ聖者, Chibikko Seija) 2. **The Freckles Fit** (えくぼがお似合い, Ekubo ga Oniai) 3. **The Elephant\'s Date** (子象のデイト, Kozou no Date) 4. **Gen\'s Blizzard** (ゲンの吹雪, Gen no Fubuki) - The story of the young Satoko and her loyal dog Gen. As the years go on, Gen\'s age makes itself apparent - but Satoko doesn\'t want to lose Gen. 5. **Duck March** (あひるのマーチ, Ahiru no March) 6. **Mimi Mittsu** (ミミみっつ) - Mitsu is a rascally street urchin from a troubled background. One day, Mitsu finds the spirit of a baby swallow, who she decides to name Mimi. The more time Mitsu spends with Mimi, the more she comes to realize the value of bringing others joy...

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