Summary: A unique publication from before Shogakukan Inc. established Viz Communications in 1987 (the first full-fledged business in the United States by a Japanese Manga publisher), MANGA was an 88-page anthology of 10 short stories in both color and black-and-white: An experiment by Masaichi Mukaide, the publication\'s editor, this may have been too far ahead of its time, in many aspects. Features a stunning roster of authors of that time: such as Hiroshi Hirata, Yosuke Tamori, Yukinobu Hoshino, Katsuhiro Otomo, Keizo Miyanishi, Noboru Miyama, Yoji Fukuyama, & Noriyoshi Orai (illustration) and with Hajime Sorayama featured on its cover, Back cover by Hiroshi Hirata, and Chika Oya in charge of coloring the illustration indicated. --- Notes - For detailed ToC, refer to Grand Comics Database page ([Link]( - Description adapted using excerpts from the 2020 article \"*People who have delivered Japanese manga overseas No.1: Masaichi Mukaide, Editor*\" ([Link](

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