Yakeppachi's Maria Manga

Yakeppachi's Maria Manga

Summary: (from DMP): Teenage delinquent Yaketpachi\'s has a spectral woman as the closest thing to a female influence in his life: Maria! The manifestation of the women Yaketpachi lacks in his life, Maria needs a body to become corporeal, but the only thing around is a sex doll, which is easily ravaged by a hard life and the target of rough pranks. Yaketpachi and Maria are joined at the soul, but ripped apart by an uncaring society. How much strain can Maria\'s plastic body take before it cracks beyond repair? Yaketpachi may want to move heaven and Earth to provide a life for Maria, but do teenagers truly know love? Osamu Tezuka brings the battle of the sexes to a paranormal comedy, where Yaketpachi and Maria explore their teenage years in High School, with all the trials and tribulations that come with it. There\'s the queen bee of the school to tussle with, a dating club that heavily skews towards one gender (and against Yaketpachi), and even rival spirits out to earn their own revenge against their accidental deaths! Yaketpachi\'s Maria continues to prove to be a love letter to young love, with all the faults and flaws that are inherent. Tezuka brings a healthy dose of real-world sexual education to the drama of a love that can never be between a man and his sex doll. --- **Volumes 268 and 269 of the Osamu Tezuka Complete Works**

Yakeppachi's Maria chapter

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