Wansa-kun Manga

Wansa-kun Manga

Summary: Wansa was designed as the mascot of Sanwa Bank by Tezuka. Wansa is a lucky dog in an unlucky world. With his talent for digging up cash, Wansa somehow persists and overcomes all odds, in spite of the cruel, impoverished landscape he finds himself in. Did not conclude in serialization (its home magazine suspended publication). *The tankobon also contains the following works, all meant for young children, like Wansa-kun*: - **Rabi-chan** - The daily life of a little rabbit named Rabi and his other friends in the forest. Rabi-chan shares similarities with the Tezuka picture book character Mimi-chan. - **Fly, Fly! Run-chan** - A little plane becomes friends with the young boy Kazu, and get into some adventures. - **Pokkachi** - A bubble is saved by the young Hayato and his sister, a scientist. Granted the ability to never pop and fly, Pokkachi gets into many dilemmas with Hayato and his animal friends. - **Triton of the Sea - Fun Kindergarten (Tanoshi Yochien) Version** - Chapters meant to coincide with *Triton of the Sea\'s* anime adaptation. See [here.](https://mangadex.org/title/c573cddf-aac7-4af5-a286-84c4aa37f2a4/triton-of-the-sea) --- **Volume 380 of the Osamu Tezuka Complete Works**

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