The Heroine Had an Affair With My Fiancé Manga

The Heroine Had an Affair With My Fiancé Manga

Summary: She became an extra who died because of her rubbish fiancé. She succeeded in becoming best friends with the heroine in order to twist the original plot. \"I\'m sorry, Ciel. But we\'re still friends, right?\" The heroine had an affair with my fiancé. Yeah, go ahead and take that trash. \"Would you like to have a revenge affair with someone who\'s been the victim of an affair, Your Highness?\" \'Cause I decided to have the Male Lead. Since I\'ve broken my engagement, I can start getting the Male Lead after getting out of the original story and decided to enjoy a happy life. After a while, rumors have spread that I was the Crown\'s Prince lover and was raking in money. And there\'s also the news that the two had broken up. \"Ciel, I was wrong. Can we still be friends?\" \"Ciel… I was foolish. You are the only one that I love. You love me too, right? So let\'s start over.\" What? Are they both out of their minds? Throwing their hands away, I raised the corners of my lips. \"Don\'t make me laugh. Get out of here.\"

The Heroine Had an Affair With My Fiancé chapter

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