Shanhai High School Manga

Shanhai High School Manga

Summary: Lin Jing was pretty much your average model student: serious, diligent and polite. However, after transferring to a new school for his sophomore year, he was forced to become a minion for the trouble-making student who ranked last in the year. Lin Jing was completely baffled. How did this happen? Ji Xingling wore his school jacket draped across his shoulders as the golden sun shone over his head. He leaned back and pressed his shoe against the wall. \"It can’t be helped then... You really are quite a clumsy little demon.\" Lin Jing: What??? He’s nuts.. For his 18th birthday, Young Master Ji styled his hair with spray and showed up at Lin Jing\'s door. With a domineering president-like attitude, he asked boldly, \"Are you free tomorrow?\" Lin Jing was nervous. \"Ji Xingling! Ji Xingling, your Qilin tail is showing again!\"

Shanhai High School chapter

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