Prince Animuhiko Manga

Prince Animuhiko Manga

Summary: Alternate version: Akihiko, Asahiko, Adahiko, Aoihiko. An experimental web manga and intellectual property about super modern world meets generic medieval (pre-renaissance) isekai world. Prince Animuhiko is low prince from low clan with his fiancee, princess Awkwkorea as they explore in this new isekai world. Note 1: Experimental web manga and intellectual property. Note 2: Protagonist and main heroines age are above 18. Note 3: There could be a change of artist in the future, so expect different art style in the future episode. Note 4: Not aimed for professional. Note 5: Maybe kinda shipost as well. Note 6: So don\'t hope too much on this series / intellectual property. Note 7: Final URL. Note 8: Thank you and maybe sorry as well.

Prince Animuhiko chapter

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