Love Me, Su Dongpo Manga

Love Me, Su Dongpo Manga

Summary: After completing an Escape Room mission, Tao Zijin discovered that his soul had accidentally entered the body of Wang Runzhi, the sister-in-law of poet Su Dongpo. Guided by a Fox Fairy, he was told that the only way for him to go home was by marrying Su Dongpo and fulfilling his duty as a wife. Now, Tao Zijin has to give his all to complete the mission of marrying Su Dongpo so he could go back to the real world.In this story, the body of a beautiful woman (Wang Runzhi) was combined with the heart of a modern geek (Tao Zijin); He was now a she. She, along with some famous people from history, Wang Anshi, Sima Guang, and Foyin, were now caught up in some intriguing emotional entanglements...

Love Me, Su Dongpo chapter

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