Harpy Manga

Harpy Manga

Summary: Harumi Sawa is an ordinary high school student finds himself at odds with Ayako Kawahori, a girl who has recently transferred into his school. Not only does he become drawn to her bizarre stench, he also begins to pay close attention to her seemingly odd behavior. After being reminded of harpies - the half-woman, half-bird beasts of Greek mythology - during a lesson in class, Sawa begins to think Kawahori might actually be one of those mythological beasts herself. [*Further reading on the title one-shot*](https://yamagishi-ryoko.hatenablog.com/entry/2020/01/25/001908) Also contains: - **A Visitor From the Rain** (雨の訪問者, Ame no Houmonsha): Itoi is an office lady who\'s getting up there in years, yet is perfectly content with being single. One day, as the rainy season suddenly arrives, she comes home to a little girl she has never seen before in her apartment... - **Undine** (ウンディーネ) - **Strawberry Night Night** (ストリベリー・ナイト・ナイト)

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